Dallin and Karree Larsen know what it means to struggle, to fail, and to wonder if it’s truly possible to “make it” in life. But most of all, Dallin and Karree know what it takes to overcome those struggles and achieve success in those areas that matter most.

Within the direct sales industry, Dallin has proven himself many times over. He was the central figure in the growth of two ultra-successful, record-breaking companies with multiple billions of dollars in combined sales. During that time, Dallin has repeatedly demonstrated his ability to provide leaders everywhere the opportunity to create their own success.

Now, Dallin and Karree are committed to helping you—and every Vasayo team member—achieve success and significance in all the areas of your life.



    Doing what’s right because it’s right
    Having the vision to forge a new path and overcome obstacles; willing to take risks
    Sharing time, energy, and resources for the benefit of others
    Achieving more together
    Having fun while inspiring significance in others
    Engaging and motivating others to engage
    Building trusting relationships for life
    Creating new and superior ways



Our mission is to deliver solutions to health-conscious consumers who demand superior quality and delivery of key ingredients for maximum product performance.


Our vision is to transform lives physically, financially, spiritually and socially through the superior delivery of products, opportunity, and community.


  • In Delivering Solutions for all areas of life.
  • In progress through advances in science and technology.
  • In maximizing results and minimizing waste.
  • In providing physical, financial, and spiritual roots.
  • Our true potential is reached by helping others reach theirs.
  • That a passionate community can significantly change the world.


When you have products that deliver superior results coupled with a generous financial opportunity—and then you realize there are many others who share your vision—guess what? You become part of our community! These are the people you’ll associate with, learn from, and travel with on Vasayo’s worldwide incentive trips. We build our community with intention and through a diverse group of individuals who share our core values.